How much do shutters cost?

Wallybois makes quality shutters for less. We understand that our customers are looking for a good quality product but at a price that offers excellent value.

Example Shutter Prices

Below you will find example shutter prices for window shutters and door shutters.

Window Shutter Example Prices

Width (mm)Height (mm)Price (euros)

These prices are based on ‘ledge and Brace’ and Ledge only.

Door Shutters

Wallybois door shutters are offered in three different styles

  • Single shutter
  • Shutter Pair
  • Stable Door

The single shutter is like a second door which will add thermal insulation and security. This applies to the shutter pair and the stable door.

Example door shutter prices below:

Width (mm)Height (mm)Price (euros)

The prices above are for Single, Shutter pair and Stable. If you want Stable Door format please add 25e for the extra components. The Stable style door can be built up to 1200mm wide.

How we work out our pricing?

All our pricing is based on our per metre charge of 120e per square metre. All these examples are subject to our final Devis. 

Value can be quality

In my experience quality can be supplied by careful planning and observation. 

‘It takes as long to do a good job as it takes to do a bad job’, Marcus Kett

Every shutter is checked that they meet our quality standards.

What we build our shutters from?

We build wooden shutters using timber suppliers that are certified by the PEFC. 

We use these woods for shutter construction:

  • Oak
  • Chestnut
  • Pine

Our most popular product is the Pine Shutter. Hardwood shutters are much more expensive and heavier. 

I understand why our Northern Pine is our best seller.

  • High value
  • Low cost 
  • Weight is less than hardwoods

Our Shutters are made using electricity provided by Solar Panels.

We live in France a self-sufficient lifestyle. Our power our water is supplied because we made efforts to reduce our burden on this planet. 

We use this ethos in our work doing what we can to make a conscious effort in reducing our effect on the environment.