Types of wooden shutters

Wooden shutters come in three styles.

  • No Ledge
  • Ledge
  • Ledge and Brace
All three styles have different constructional needs but today the main purpose of these construction methods are mainly cosmetic due to modern glues. We use modern, waterproof Cascamite glues and traditional woodworking which makes our shutters very strong.

No Ledge

A simple style that has no framing on the surface. Internal timber prevents the shutter from sagging.


Ledge Only

The ledge is visible and is the only framing part that can be seen.

Ledge and Brace

The ledge is a good place to secure the hinges but what is the brace for? The brace is a structural component of a traditional shutter and has a vital part to play. The load from the shutter is transferred from the top ledge down the brace to a fixed point. This old method is used to prevent the shutter sagging.


Special order shutter styles

Our most popular shutter patterns are the ledge and brace but we also make other styles to special order such as:

  • Louvred
  • Provençal
Louvred Shutters

Shutters that have part or all ventilated by thin strips of wood. Louvre shutters are popular because they offer some security. Visual security yet the ability to look out if at an angle. These louvre shutters are thought to be first installed by King Louis XIV of France.

This king was a bit of a sex pest and he has louvred shutters fitted to the walls around his gardens so he could stare at the naked ladies bathing in the naturals ponds.


A popular shutter pattern in northern France. The provençal shutter is made from wood with the boards that are cross-laminated.